3. Göttingen-Thorner Seminar 3.-5. June 22

Migration and integration.
Polish and German perspective(s) in the European context

Flight and migration are not new phenomena in Europe:
Both Poland and Germany have been shaped by migration for centuries. But in recent years, refugee and migration movements in both countries have been accompanied by a politicized and highly emotional debate. With the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, we are now facing a new enormous humanitarian challenge.

As part of the seminar, we will talk about how differently the issues of flight, migration and integration are perceived in Germany and Poland, what the causes are and how we can live helpfulness, integration and participation at the local level. We would like to exchange experiences and perspectives of participants from different social circles – including migrant communities – as well as expertise from science, administration and civil society from Poland and Germany.

The film “Styx” (W. Fischer, 2018) gives us the opportunity to discuss how film art deals with the issue of migration. The photo exhibition “Thorner of your choice” by Jadwiga and Marek Czarnecki is also intended as a special stimulus for reflection. This year’s seminar begins with a concert by Thorn pianist and composer Mateusz Sobiechowski and ends with a joint city tour by the participants of the migration center’s initiative “I can help – participation through volunteering”.

The Göttinger-Thorner Seminare / Seminaria Torunsko-Getynskie have been held since 2019. The initiative takes place thanks to the financial support of the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation, the Sanddorf Foundation and the DAAD.
Registration is required to participate in the seminar


3.6.2022 (Friday)
“Old Fire Station” gallery, Ritterplan 4, 37073 Goettingen
20:00 Piano concert Mateusz Sobiechowski
4.6.2022 (Saturday)
“Old Fire Station” gallery, Ritterplan 4, 37073 Goettingen
Opening of the 3rd Göttinger-Thorner Seminar:
  • Harm Adam (German-Polish Society Göttingen e.V.)
  • Dr Aleksandra Burdziej (Polish-German Society Thorn e.V.)
Panel #1:
Migration issue in Europe
Political, social and economic aspects from a German and Polish perspective
  • Dr. Marta Pachocka (Higher Business School in Warsaw [SGH] / Center for Migration Research at the University of Warsaw)
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander-Kenneth Nagel (Center for Global Migration Studies, Georg-August-University Göttingen)
  • Moderation: Klaudia Hanisch (German-Polish Society Göttingen e.V./ Georg-August-University Göttingen)
Panel #2:
How does integration succeed?
  • lsa Sandiraz (Integration Commissioner of the district of Göttingen)
  • Natascha Wellmann-Rizo (Migration Center for the City and District of Göttingen)
  • Natalia Konwerska (Foundation Emic in Thorn)
  • Przemysfaw Wyciechowski (Cross-sectional group for migration management and policy at the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivode)
  • Moderation: Harm Adam (German-Polish Society Göttingen e.V.)
Lunch break
Film screening: “Styx” (Wolfgang Fischer, 2018)
Panel #3:
  • Dr. Ewa Fiuk (Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences/Polish-German Society Kraków)
  • Dr. Javier Toscano (APRA Foundation)
  • Moderation: Dr. Aleksandra Burdziej (Polish-German Society Thorn e.V./Nikolaus Copernicus University Thorn)
19:30 “Art Supplement” gallery, Burgstrasse 37 A, 37073 Goettingen
Vernissage of the exhibition “Thorner of his own choice”
Afterwards: dinner together
5.6.2022 (Sunday)
City tour through the participants of the project “I can help – Participation through volunteering”
Project coordination:
  • Harm Adam: H.Adam@menge-noack.de (German-Polish Society Göttingen e.V.)
  • Dr. Aleksandra Burdziej: aburdziej@umk.pl (Polish-German Society Thorn e.V.)
  • Klaudia Hanisch: klaudiahanisch@go2.pl (German-Polish Society Göttingen e.V.)
  • Dr. Adam Jarosz: ad.jarosz5@gmail.com (Polish-German Society Thorn e.V.)


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