The association

the castle Adelebsen


Since September 10, 1999 there is the official partnership of the Flecken Adelebsen with the city Wieluń and the municipality Ostrówek. Since then, a variety of mutual contacts between the fire brigades, student groups and individuals as well as official visits of the local councils were held.

To support the partnership has received the “Friends of the partnerships Ostrówek, Wieluń and Adelebsen e. V.” founded. He shall serve the understanding between the peoples of the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular, the deepening of interpersonal relationships of the inhabitants of the town of Wielun, the municipality Ostrowek and stains Adelebsen.

In addition to the task, insights and knowledge of the cultural, social, sporting, economic and local political conditions mediate, he wants to help with the means of public relations work to break down prejudices and work towards a better understanding of people. It supports cultural exchanges and promotes the meeting between residents, particularly young people of the partner municipalities.

The support association of the Ostrówek, Wieluń and Adelebsen partnerships is a private association, independent of municipal administration and politics.

For Information, please contact:

Christian WoltersChristian Wolters, 1st Chairman
+49 (0) 5506 999 933 Partnerschaften