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Catalog 2019 of Made in Wieluń

We invite you to the world of phenomenal products – Made in Wieluń.

You will find here: trailers, semi-trailers and car bodies, scented candles, electronics, cables, wires and charging stations for electric cars, plastic articles, tool boxes, shovels, flower pots, buckets, granulated calcium fertilizers, castings, sewage treatment plants, spoons and excavator grippers, agricultural machinery, trailer parts, tarpaulins, bicycles, clothing, shirts, tights.

We invite you to the world of precise waterjet and laser cutting, the world where machines and equipment for industry are created, as well as complete technological facilities, paint shops, paint shops and dryers, electroplating plants, industrial paint lines – designed and created in the city with intellectual facilities for engineers and patron classes; a world open to new challenges, offering IT solutions, a world where images begin speaking to you when you use an application for mobile devices… the world of photography, paintings and handmade objects; the world of phenomenal food products made with passion according to traditional recipes, only from natural ingredients; the world where you design your home, build and equip it in a unique way, caring for your garden too. We invite you to the world where after an effective business meeting you will rest in comfortable conditions.

Everyone probably has something “Made in Wieluń”, and certainly everyone has something that was transported in a semi-trailer manufactured in Wieluń by Wielton Group. By the way we are phenomenal in transport and packaging.

We invite you to the city of peace and reconciliation, a city with rich but also tragic history, a city of culture, sport, beauty, and a city of “Eternal Love”, but above all a city full of entrepreneurship, in which we create phenomenal products “Made in Wieluń”.

Welcome to the city where everyone has something that has been specially made for you.

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